Training Services

We offer a range of training services for our clients, including Basic Website Management, Content Management, and Search Engine Optimisation.
Website Fundamentals
  • We create training packages for all levels of website knowledge. In some cases this starts with basic website fundamentals such as how to navigate a website.
  • We will help build up the users knowledge on how their website can improved and how they can add features to their site such as social media connections.
  • Other areas covered under fundamentals are the importance of how website are structured and how to convert users to paying customers.

Content Management
  • In our training we teach users how to build good content that will help their website score and improve customer experience.
  • We also teach users how to create new products and update services offered as well as changing prices and offering promotions to attract customers.
  • Other areas covered under training is how to use advanced features such as management of users, payment gateways and publishing tools.

Search Engine Optimisation
  • Our training plans also include how to monitor website analytics.
  • We teach users how to identify keywords needed for their site and how to implement them correctly.
  • We also train end users on how to improve SEO scores on products and pages as well as how to track the results.
  • Training also covers areas such as link building, alt tags on images and common mistakes made.

Security & Updates
  • An important area that we always cover is how to enable and painting security features for your website.
  • Its very important that all our end users fully understand how to backup their data on a regular basis.
  • Finally an area we will help our users understand is how to update features on their site and keep all security features up to date.

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